Honour Roll


The musicians listed below have played at least one gig with Bushwahzee. The list is compiled from memory and if you think it is incomplete or incorrect in any way please contact us!

Patrick McPartlon
Hugh McDonald
David Hitchins
John Madin
Jan Wozitsky
Lionel Holt
Aaron Rough
Ken Aubrey
Mark Hyland
Simon Melia

James Cooney
Ewen Baker
Martin Hanley
Terry Crosbie
Phillipa Bailey
Shane Crowley
Nicola Hayes
Roisin Phillips
Mike McCabe
Brian Strating
Jim Green
Cyril Moran
Greg Dimmock
Adam Burke
Louis Meagher
Greg O'Leary
John O’Beirne
Maggie Duncan
Felix Meagher
Elaine Smith
Peter O’Shea
Rob Fairbairn
Ernie Gruner
Marg Lewis
Ken Maher
Billy Moran
Rick E Vengeance
Ian Gottstein
Elaine McKenna
Mark Leehy
Sergio Guirina
Eamon Regan
Ian Tritt
Peter Daffy
Lyndal Strating
Brian Turner
Pat McKernan
James Rigby
Matiss Schubert
Marcia Howard
Lou Hesterman
Libby McGrath
Paul Jenkins
Dave Branigan
Ben Flood
Greg Rough
Dominic McAlinden
Dan Bourke
Peter Anderson
Dale Gurner
Maity Swallow
Emille Van Der Zee
Kath Cranage
Rosemary Crowley
Bobby Kefford
Vince Brophy
Melbourne Colonial Dancers
Jack Caine
Lynnelle Moran
Bec Humphreys
Kate Maclurcan
Mick Quarrell
Peter Somerville
Emma Rodda
Dave Isom

Paul Wookey

Marcus Holden

Cora Browne

Paddy Fitzgerald

Cyril Moran

Christy Cooney

Marcia Howard

Greg Dimmock

James Cooney

John Caine

Lynnelle Moran

Scott Brown