Band Members

Paul Jenkins
Bushwahzee was formed in the early 1980s for a production of the folk musical, Reedy River. Since then there have been many line-ups, but the one original member to have played in nearly all the band‘s 4,000 or so gigs, is Paul Jenkins. Paul is Bushwahzee’s singer, dance caller and percussionist (lagerphone, washboard, bodhran, and bones) and has designed the Bushwahzee “Lagerphone Kit. Paul's relaxed style of calling bush dances has made him an evergreen performer, and definitely one of Melbourne's favourite dance callers and wedding entertainers. During the 1980‘s Paul maintained a teaching career as well as playing in the band. He has now retired from teaching and is devoting himself to Bushwahzee and his one man show - PJ’s Bush Show. In Bushwahzee’s Sixties Happening Paul takes the character PJ the DJ. Since the seventies Paul has lived at McMahon's Creek, (near Warburton in the Yarra Valley). Some of the bush dances Paul calls are The Heel and Toe Polka, The Galopede, The Circassian Circle, Stockyrad, Strip The Willow, Virginai Reel, Troika, Thady U Gander, Bush Hubba Hubba, Bush Tango and the Hokey Pokey ! In other Buhwahzee shows he calls the calls the Twelve Barn Dance, Locomotion, Twist & Bustop.

Felix Meagher
Felix Meagher, Bushwahzee's fiddle player, joined the band when returning to Melbourne after a decade as a traveling composer, a journey which led to work for Music '81 in Geelong (Vic); to study with Ronald Stevenson, the Scottish composer, at his home in West Linton near Edinburgh; to form the Alice Springs People's Orchestra and compose a choral symphony forthem as part of the opening of the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs (N.T.), and on three music theatre collabourations with Baz Luhrmann, including Lake Lost for the Australian Opera. In 1997, a song from Lake Lost, I'm Losing You, was released on Baz Luhrmann's platinum-selling CD, Something for Everybody. I'm Losing You was released by EMI as a single in February 1998. Another of Felix and Baz's comic operas, The Pure Merino Fandango opened at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in the Port Fairy Lecture Hall, which was especially re-furbished for the production.

Felix has written or co-written many of the Bushwahzee songs that are used in their school shows including Puffing Billy Song (with Lou Hesterman), The Bush Cabaret Overture (with paul Jenkins and Pat McPartlon), Shark Shuffle, Convicts Wanna Dance (with Paul Jenkins and Ewen Baker) and Flies On the Ringer and Beach Party (with Cyril Moran). During 2008 Felix worked on the Baz Luhrmann movie Australia - featuring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Felix worked in a team with Baz and Sydney singer - Angela Little. More recently Felix has written the musicals The Man They Call The Banjo (with Dennis O'Keeffe), Barry Versus Kelly and The African Prince.
Felix is also the program co-ordinator for The Lake School of Celtic Music, Song and Dance an annual event staged in Koroit, Vic. As co-ordinator Felix has been involved in creating the Legend of the Lake Awards, the Spud Poet Award, the Paddy O'Neill Award, the creation of the Maity Swallow Memorial Ceilidhe Band. Felix studied at University of Melbourne for a Bachelor of Music and a Diploma of Education, and has taught music in numerous schools in Melbourne. Increasingly in 2010 and 2011, with Paul not touring as much, Felix has become Bushwahzee's regular dance caller and in demand for weddings, pubs and social gatherings. Also as a solo fiddle player!

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Cyril Moran

Joining Bushwahzee in 2007 is guitarist Cyril Moran Irish born Cyril arrived in Melbourne in the early 90’s and quickly hooked up with the vibrant music scene. Playing with popular band Shillelagh Goat in The Dan O’Connell and the Normandy hotels, he soon got a taste of the folk music scene which blossomed in Melbourne. After Shillelagh Goat, Cyril formed Heartwood with other members of Shillelagh Goat and set about doing folk based and original songs with an emphasis on vocal harmonies. They produced a CD which was well received by The Melbourne Age critic Mike Daly .Cyril also worked with Maria Forde and features on several of her albums. Soon after that Cyril hooked up with well known fiddler Greg Hunt and they made an album called “Songs From The Soft Voice.” In 2000 he decided to go solo, and with the help of Arts Victoria produced his first album “Summer Rain” which consisted mostly of original songs. In 2004 he won the Lawson Patterson songwriting award at Port Fairy for his composition “Freedom’s Song” a story about his journey to Australia mirrored with that of the refugees.  Cyril plays regularly at Irish Pubs in Melbourne and is highly in demand for weddings. In his irish repertoire are the old favourites - Black Velvet Band, The Rare Old Mountain Dew, Wiuld Rover and The Bog Down in the Valley. Cyril also sings contemporary material including John Williamson's "Its Raining On The Rock." In Bushwahzee Cyril has composed Big Old Rig (with Pat McKernan). Flies on the Ringer and Beach Party (with Felix Meagher) and a song for the Pirate Show called Treasure Island. As well as being an outstanding singer and guitarist Cyril has picked up the dance calling skills during his time with Bushwahzee and often calls dances during our two man shows.