A One-day Extravaganza!

In 1992 Bushwahzee launched a show that has become a new form of entertainment across Australia—the Bush Cabaret! Imagine children performing bush ballads, energetic bush dances, and jaunty colonial ditties for their parents and friends, and it's easy to see why the Bush Cabaret has successfully united families and school communities in a way that no show has done before. In an easy to organize one day production, the Bush Cabaret enthuses students, gets everyone dancing, and brings out parents in huge numbers. Bushwahzee has also opened the Sixties Happening, a day and evening with the same structure as the Bush Cabaret, but with sixties' content.


Save yourself up to 100 hours* and find out why over 1500 schools have booked a Bushwahzee one day production! Choose from The Bush Cabaret, The Sixties Happening, The Country Show, Surf Show and Beach Party, The Bush Xmas and the new Pirate Show!

NB Some shows may not available outside Melbourne - depending on touring line-up

*Estimate of 100 hours (at least) provided by Gerry Fitzgerald, a teacher at Antonio Park Primary. She compared the time she spent organisng a Bushwahzee day with organising and rehearsing the school’s annual production

Paul (one man show) Cyril and Felix (two piece)

Letter from Peter Wyatt, Principal, Kinglake Primary School, Vic

Hi Felix,
On behalf of a very delighted Kinglake Primary School thank you ever so much for bringing some joy to our community. Not only were you generous of your time and effort but you provided an experience that will help eradicate some of the dark memories our children hold of the recent bushfires. It has been a trying time for us all but you provided us with just the right tonic to once again view the warmth and brighter side of life. I had tears in my eyes (yes, I’m a softie!) watching the kids perform and join in the dances. The looks on the parent’s faces was priceless. Everyone, was so buoyant the next day as a result of a fantastic day and nights’ engagement.
Thanks again Felix, Ewen, Shamus and Paul. You have shone your radiant Bushwahzee light on our community and helped in our recovery.
I’m sure we’ll be commissioning your team (paid) for a future event. Take care mate.

Kind regards,
Peter Wyatt

Christine Wheeler'
Review of Bushwahzee Schools Show
Lawson Public School, Blue Mountains NSW
20 February 2009

If you book Bushwahzee for a show at your school, you’ll be expecting three blokes with hats, waistcoats, lagerphones, fiddle, guitar and a van. What you might not be expecting is the way these men will turn your school community upside down for a day. They’ll roll up early in the morning and won’t leave until well after dark.

Bushwahzee members Felix, Paul and Cyril begin the welcome concert as they mean to continue the day, with good music, a friendly touch of clowning around and a healthy dose of audience participation. Then to the classrooms where class workshops are conducted by individual band members. Felix, Paul and Cyril lead with the attitude that in order for the evening concert to be worth anything, the kids must take on the performance as their own. So they don’t drill the kids too hard, but they do offer up good quality material and encourage the kids to work out for themselves what needs to be done to turn it into a performance piece. Afternoon rehearsals in slightly larger groups serve to iron out potential problems and bring individual class pieces together to form a show.

To complete the day-long process, teachers are encouraged to organize a school barbeque as a part fund-raiser, part social event leading into the early evening concert at which the kids perform the dramatic pieces, songs and dances they’ve acquired during the day to their parents. It’s a huge day for all concerned, but if the students at Lawson Public School are anything to go by, it’s all worth it. I came away with laughter, songs and enthusiastic cries of ‘oi!’ ringing in my ears, along with images of an entire school hall of parents and kids up on the dance floor, kicking up their heels in enthusiastic participation.

This is not just another bush band coming in with a shallow veneer of colonial dress and attitude. The musicians who make up Bushwahzee have worked up a unique and valuable whole-school experience that will leave a lasting impression on kids and plenty of music, dance and drama material for teachers to follow up on. Music, after all, is to be made and not merely consumed. I suspect that I witnessed several young musicians in the making today.

“The Bush Cabaret...In 38 ears of teaching it’s the best show I’ve seen!”
Simon Ralph, Montagu Bay Primary School, TAS

“Bushwahzee’s - Bush Christmas...as a teacher of 22 years, and a parent of 3 children, it’s the best Christmas show I've seen.”
Bradley Clark, Assistant Principal, Bittern Primary School, VIC