Testimonials to the Bush Cabaret

“The Bush Cabaret...In 38 years of teaching it’s the best show I’ve seen!”

Simon Ralph, Montagu Bay Primary School, TAS

“Bushwahzee’s - Bush Christmas...as a teacher of 22 years, and a parent of 3 children, it’s the best Christmas show I've seen.”

Bradley Clark, Assistant Principal, Bittern Primary School, VIC

..The best value in school's performance...

Barry Southwell, Oxford Falls Grammar, New South Wales

...Three months' work in a day...

Donburn Primary, VIC

The best day I've ever had...

Clare Blake, Student at Coomoora Primary School

The Bush Cabaret was everything I wanted it to be, for the kids, for the parents, for the school...

Sue Smith, Principal, Campbelltown North NSW

Everyone is amazed at the achievement in just one day!

It was a great activity for the kids, and received unprecedented positive feedbackfrom the parents.
Peter Ongley Principal at Pambula NSW

One of the best perfomances I have seen (The G’day Show)
Annette Tattersall at Hilder Rd, The Gap, Qld

Letter from Carmel Wilson, St Joseph's school, Cobram


Dear Paul, Aaron, and Felix (Bushwahzee)

On behalf of the children, parents and teachers at St. Joseph's, Cobram, I would like to express our thanks once again for the work you did with the children at yesterday’s incursion.

While it is your job, and we were paying for the service, I believe we received ‘value for money.’ As a staff we took a risk with the ‘unknown’ and decided to book you. What a buzz of excitment and enjoyment there was before, during and after the performance last night.

It is a great result and feeling when a risk turns into a wonderful experience and success story - especially for us as a school when it provides family involvement in the children’s extra curricula experiences.

Best wishes in future performances.

Carmel Wilson

Dear Ewen, Felix and Paul,

I hope you arrived home safely with enough respite between this tour and your next gigs.

You offer a great program for schools. There were lots of features which
I admired and enjoyed. The organization of the day was superb – a concert, workshops and rehearsals. It offered a condensed experience for the kids of the whole process of performance – getting ideas and inspiration, learning parts and rehearsing them culminating in a real show to a real audience!

But above all, I would like to commend your attitude and manner with the children (and the big people). You have great “crowd control” which is so essential. You are competent, versatile and encouraging musicians.

You are enthusiastic, with a love of music and dance and plain good fun. And you engender a joie de vivre which is quite contagious.

I look forward to subsequent visits and should the need ever arise (whether you are performing at Colo Vale or not) I would like to extend a welcome to use our house as a base for beds, food, drink or whatever!

Warm regards,

Anne Donaldson
Yinnar Primary School 24/9/01

Dear Ewen, Felix and Lou,

Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation of the Bush Cabaret at Yinnar last Wednesday. Students, parents and grandparents all enjoyed a marvellous time.

From the opening performance in the morning through to the final item on the evening programme, you continued to ensure that we were highly entertained and eager to participate.

You acheived wonders with our children, enticing them into roles and enabling them to produce remarkable perfomances during the evening. The children had a fabulous time and families were greatly impressed.

Our sincere and grateful thanks to you all for coming to our school and working so enthusiastically and energetically to provide such an exciting programme.

We hope to see you back again next year!

Kind regrads,

Robyn Irvine
Yinnar Primary School

Danny Neal (Principal) of New Town Primary School in Tasmania says:

“The Bush Cabaret – real value for money.”

Dancing Town – Joyful. The workshops engendered true engagement with the students. The finished product was sensational, reaching out to parents, grandparents and teachers. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Jennifer Chambers, Port Fairy Consolidated School